About Us

Pinaka Mediaworks is an Indian production house established in 2017. It engineers partnership with projects, both big and small, in a ceaseless effort to create celebrated movies, commercials, promos, documentaries, music videos, web series, short films, visual publicity design and digital video content of highly illustrious cinematic experience. It delivers the finest production services from inception to development. It concentrates on the production of innovative and evolving content in its work. You think of an idea at the wink of the eye, and there is a video content for it!
Pinaka Mediaworks also extends its work in Digital Agency, Public Relation Program Design, Events, Social Media Marketing, Digital Video Release Support, Brand Enrichment & Creative Advisory programs. Pinaka Mediaworks owns and manages Rolling Frames Entertainment (Digital Platform) across YouTube, Veblr, DailyMotion, Facebook. Twitter, Instagram
The brand is being steered and shouldered under the dynamic and expansive vision of Mr. Ojaswee Sharma and Mr. Sunil Sharma.
Head Office: Chandigarh Branch Office: Mumbai
Specialties: Film Production, Digital, Talent Management, Internet, Public Relations, Events, Television, and Music